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Catalog of Decorative Tile Medallions and Insert for your Kitchen Backsplash

Our catalog is organized into the major groups below. After you open one of these links you will see all the tiles in that group, organized by their names. This should help you in a couple of ways. If you have gone through the installation pictures and you have narrowed down your interest to a particular accent tile, you can look up that tile to see more framing options, ideas or close-ups.  Secondly, if you are a bit overwhelmed by all the tile names and options, just look through the first two categories: Large Tiles and Medium Tiles. These categories contain all of the most popular kitchen insert mural tiles.  If one of them catches your eye, just call me and we can figure out the rest together.

Select or click on one of the links below to view all the tiles in that category:

Large Tiles

Medium Tiles

Small Tiles

Vertical Tiles


Field Tiles

Individual tiles and tile sets that I can send to you today. In many cases they do not have matching frames. You may be able to purchase liners for framing locally that match your field tiles.


I hope that through my work, I am respectfully honoring the craftsman that carved and assembled the antique furniture that has inspired me. Surely these unknown Frenchmen, born in the middle of the 19th century, would be pleased that their work has not been forgotten, and that people are still amazed at the detail and beauty which was created by their hands.

The first tile that I produced was the medium “Green Man.” The original appears on a French sideboard, which contains a total of 13 unique faces. Although the edges of this face are obviously stylized, the center seems so real, I think it could take a breath, if it was not imprisoned in clay. I have to wonder who it was. Surely the carver patterned it in the likeness of some one, a friend or family member, or maybe it is an image of the carver himself, who now peers through time at us. If this is the case, I would say to him: Merci, Le Monsieur.