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Color Choices

Hand pressed decorative backsplash tile, high relief ceramic inserts and medallions for your kitchen backsplash

We offer about 30 different glaze colors. Due to variations in the photography and how they are displayed on your computer, these pictures may not represent the true color so it is best to use this page only to get a general idea of their appearance. It will be more helpful to compare the colors in your home, so we will be happy to send samples to you, as long as we can refine your selection a little. 

You can narrow down your color choice by first determining if you prefer a GLOSS, MATTE or STONE WASH finish, then select colors within that category. GLOSS tiles are best if you want to place a decorative tile within a field of glossy manufactured tiles. Choose a MATTE finish if you will be using smooth stone or matte porcelain for your project. STONE WASH colors have a rougher surface and go well with natural stone that contains color variations.

You can also send us a piece of your tile, stone or counter top. We will compare it to all of our colors and send the best choices back to you. Then after you receive them we can agree on the best choice for your project.


I can hardly tell them apart either, which is why we will be happy to send glaze samples to you.  All these have a glossy finish except for Light Ivory, which has a dull matte surface.


The first two here have a matte finish and the rest are glossy.  Light Matte Beige, Ivory and Gloss Beige are the most neutral colors that I have.  These three colors also complement many popular stone wall coverings.


All of these are stone wash colors with a flat finish, except for Matte Beige that has a smoother, more satin finish.  Sage has a slight green hue.  Matte Beige and Warm Cobblestone are the most popular in this group.


More stone washed colors: the first two have a burn orange tone and the third is brick red. Sorry but the last three are discontinued.

Some more comments on our glazes:

Creating a color on the surface of the tile requires the application of a glaze, followed by a 1900 degree kiln firing.  This step either completely or partially seals the tile surface depending on how much glaze is used to acheive the color.  Glazing can result in a tile surface that is glossy, matte or what we call stone washed.  Our gloss and matte glazes are very similar to what you have in your home already or what is available at your local hardware store.  In order to achieve the high contrast look of our Stone Washed colors, we apply a dark glaze to the entire surface, then sponge away some of the glaze, so that the lighter clay surface can be seen.

Our tiles that have a Stone Wash finish have been very popular and can be used behind your stove as long as they are properly sealed.   We will seal the tiles with a high quality tile sealer (TileLab SurfaceGard Penetrating Sealer) before they are shipped. We recommend that you seal them again after installation, and then as needed in the future.

Most of the Stond Wash finishes vary slightly between orders and within orders. There are several factors that affect the final colors, and some of these factors are very difficult to control. Because of this, we cannot ensure that our color chips will look exactly the same as the final product. This is why I suggest the Stone Wash colors only be used with stone wall coverings that contain naturally varying color shades.

Local tile and stone products that match our glaze colors

WARM COBBLESTONE  (our glaze color)

    • Florentine Scabos  Brand: True Life
    • Siena Walnut Glazed Tile
    • Pacific Sand  Brand: Daltile
    • Siena Walnut Glazed Tile

MOSS  (our glaze color)

    • Wheat / Cabot Station  Brand: American Olean
    • Agora Almond / Elegant Collection  Brand: Venetian Stone
    • Camelot Gold  Brand: International Collection
    • Fawn  Brand: Fall Creek
    • Beluno / Montagna  Brand: Marazzi
    • Tuscant Gold  Brand: Marsilles

Kitchen Backsplash Medallions and Stone Inserts