Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Andersen Ceramics specializes in decorative backsplash tiles with a classic French look.  They can be used alone or as a framed insert or mural. You can use them behind the range as part of your kitchen backsplash, in the bathroom, or around the fireplace. Our main goal will be to make a unique decorative centerpiece customized for your specific application.

backsplash tiles

Kitchen backsplash insert using our hand pressed Floral tile, surrounded by Plain Frame liners all in a Warm Cobblestone glaze. Complete tile set is 14 x 22 inches.


These high relief designs are influenced by the decorative architectural designs that you might see on carved antique furniture or the façade of a turn-of-the-century building.  You can bring that same classic look into your home by installing a set of our kitchen backsplash tiles, creating a unique focal point that you will enjoy for many years to come.


backsplash tiles

The decorative tile above is the French Flowers surrounded by Thin Liners, 2 x 2 inch flat tiles and the Plain Frame border. This set is 24 x 46 inches.  Matching 3 x 6 inch  flat tiles were used to complete the backsplash.


Our line of  decorative ceramic tiles consists of about 20 large centerpiece tiles which range from 10 x 14 inches to 14 x 36 inches.  To complete the look and improve the overall size and appearance of the tile set, we make about 10 different liners which are typically used to frame the main tile.  We also make flat or field tiles in various sizes, which can be used between the center tile and frame or to cover the remainder of your backsplash.



All of our custom designs are fired ceramic tiles.  They are made from clay, not resin, cast stone or plastic.  Our tiles are  individually hand pressed here in Austin,Texas.  There are no mechanical devices of any kind used in the process.  Clay is pressed into plaster molds and then removed.  After slowly drying, they are  fired  to 2,000 degrees.  Next the glaze is applied and the tiles are fired for a second time.  We offer over 24 different color selections. The finishes are either glossy, matte or stone wash, which will allow you to blend our tiles with stone or ceramic tiles you can purchase locally.




To start with, you can e-mail or call us directly. Tell us the approximate size of the area that you are working with, and which or our tile designs you like. If there is a particular photograph that interests you, describe it to us.  Once we have this information, we can make a simple drawing like this one below to show you how that particular set of kitchen backsplash tiles would fit within your area.

Drawing of design for ceramic tile backsplash by Andersen Ceramics

I can make a drawing like this one, based on your specific dimensions and requirements

You could also cut out a piece of paper to the actual size of a tile set, and tape it to the wall in order to get a better idea of the fit.  The shape and overall size of the set is important and since each tile comes in only one size, we use liners or flat strips to create a tile set that looks right for your area.  We have photos of many common layouts which are available within this website.  If we don’t have a photo of the exact set that you like, we can lay out the pieces and e-mail a photo to you.

Next, tell us whether you are using traditional glossy tile, matte tile, or a stone material for the rest of your kitchen backsplash. We can make make flat tiles for you, but most of my customers buy their own flat tiles or stone locally.  We will send several glaze samples to you at no cost. You can visit the color page to get an idea of the glaze colors and narrow down your choices. Having our glazed tile samples in your home will be the real test of whether a color is going to work for you. If you need some more convincing after that, we can send some larger samples or a piece of the actual tile or liner that you are considering.

At the same time, I will send you a quote which will show you all the pieces that will be used to assemble your set of kitchen backsplash tiles.  Unless you live out of the country, there will be no shipping costs.  When you are sure that you  like the layout, color, size, and everything else, I’ll ask you for a 50% deposit by credit card, check or through Pay Pal.  After we have started on your order I can also provide you with a photo of the cut pieces to confirm the layout and another photo after the set is glazed.


My intent is to make this web site as informative and user friendly as we can, so if you have any questions about the site or our tiles, please give me a call or send me an e-mail.  I am always happy to provide answers or hear to your comments and ideas.  Neal Andersen


One trait that I can claim from my Father: Ingenuity

backsplash tiles

After the war, my Dad was applying for a construction job, one of the requirements was that you brought your own tools. He didn’t have any tools, so he went into the office with pieces of scrap pipe and bricks in an old tool box he borrowed. He made sure to set it down with a thud.


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