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Large Tiles

These are my larger sized relief tiles generally used as an accent or decorative centerpiece of a kitchen backsplash.  Available in any color listed on the Glaze Colors page.  They all come in multiple pieces.  The prices are listed on the Retail Prices page. Click on an image below to see a selection of installations, layouts and close up pictures of each tile.

French Flowers

The French Flowers tile set is 13 1/4 x 35 3/4" With a pattern that is raised is as much as 5/8" There is no other ceramic tile on the market that is even remotely like this one. The original was created in wax for us by a carver from Rhode Island.



The Toulouse tile measures 11 1/2 x 24" The relief is just high enough to catch the glaze and produce and nice contrast between the high points and the background.

Large Floral (NEW)

Lion Panel and Lion Face

The three piece Lion tile is 14 1/8 x 20 7/8\" The design is more intricate then many of our other tiles. The Lion itself rises over an inch from the suface of the tile. Typically used with a Bouquet tile on either side as seen in some of these pictures. The 6 x 6 Lion Face tile can be used as a complementary tile for a Lion and Bouquet set or used alone as a smaller design feature.

Cherub (NEW)


The Cartouche tile pattern is a three piece tile. Named for the generally oval shape of the design. French styling. The size is about 14.5 x 20\"

Colonial Flower

The Colonial Flower is a 5 piece tile, including the center flower which is a seperate piece. Without a frame the tile measures 10 1/2 x 21\" The design itself is a little more rusic, less refined then some of the other designs.

Grape Vine

The Grape Vine tile comes in 9 pieces and measures 15 1/4 x 17 1/4\" in size. The relief is more shallow that many of our other designs. This will make cleaning a little easier. All of these pictures show the tile with Plain Frame liners, but the tile itself has a raised edge, making additional framing unnecessary.

Urn Panel

The Urn Panel is a 5 piece set measuring 12 1/4 x 25 1/4" A very detailed classically styled pattern with prominent central Urn. This type of Greek element has been used in decoratve architecture for a thousand years.

The Festoon

In architectural terms a floral drape, garland or festoon: 16 x 24.5" or 20.5 x 29" surrounded with Plain Frame Liners