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Frames or Liners

View a gallery of each tile by selecting an image below. You might refer to these tiles as liners, mouldings, borders or even listellos.  They are used to surround the main decorative tile and set it off from your flat tiles.  Any liner can be used with any main tile, although I find that most of my customers are choosing to use the Plain Frame liner because it does not distract from the design of the large center tile. It usually takes 10 to 14 pieces of liner to surround one of the large tiles although that number can increase based on the complexity of the set. I will be happy to cut these pieces before glazing so that the installation process will go smoother.

Lowes / Home Depo

These are several reasonably priced liners that are typically available to you locally

Thin Liner and Small Half Round

Thin Liners and Small Half Round Liners are each 1/2\" wide and 8\" long. typically used as a narrow frame around one of our large high relief itles. Usually these liner are the same color as the center tile, but they can also be in an accent color.

Half Round and Ridged Liners

Half Round and Ridged liners, both 1\" wide and 8\" long. Typically used as a narrow frame around one of our large decorative relief tiles.

Henry\'s Liner and Henry\'s Corner

The Henry\'s Liner is a high relief liner with a distinctive pattern and steep sides. This liner is 2" wide although the corner extendes outward just a bit making it 1/4" wider at the tip at the corner. A full piece is 8 1/4" long.

Egg and Dart Liners

The Egg and Dart Liner is 2 1/4\" wide and comes in 2 lenghts: 8 1/4\" and 11\". Typically used around one of our large decorative tile. Custom cut to fit at no additional charge.

Plain Frame

The Plain Frame Liner is our most popular liner. Having a very simple pattern that will not compete with the design of your main decorative tile. The relief will be 5/8\" higher than the flat edge of one of our typical 1/2\" thick tiles. They come in two lengths 8 and 10\"

Beaded Liner

The Left and Right Beaded Lilners are 2 3/4\" wide and 6 3/4\" long. they have very nice detail, but are not the best for making neat mitered cuts for the corners of murals.

Small Acanthus Liner and Corner

The Small Acanthus Liner and Corner are 2 1/4" wide. A full piece is 10" long. They are typically used as a decorative frame around one or our medium or large relief tiles. This liner was designed specifically for a home in Abu-Dhabi, UAE: Villa Jenelle won the award for Best Architecture Single Residence, competing against homes across Arabia and Africa.

Acanthus Liner and Corner

Acanthus liner is 3 3/8\" and the relief is 1/2\" high. A full piece is 9 3/8\" long. The liner pieces and corners can be used around a mirror, or as a chair rail, but they are usually used around one of our large relief tiles.